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What Construction Career opportunities are available?

There are several construction career opportunities paths available in pursuing a career in the construction industry.  Construction career paths include: Construction Manager: Construction managers are responsible for overseeing construction projects from start to finish. They work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Civil Engineer: Civil engineers design, build, and maintain the infrastructure that is essential to our daily lives. They work on a variety of projects, such as roads, bridges, buildings, and water systems. Electrician: Electricians install and maintain electrical systems in buildings and other structures. They are responsible for ensuring that electrical systems are safe and up to code. Carpenter: Carpenters build and repair structures made of wood, such as buildings, bridges, and furniture. They use a variety of tools, such as saws, hammers, and drills HVAC Technician: HVAC technicians in

Career Education Work-Based Learning

  Career Education Is ‘for All Kids': How Work-Based Learning Can Engage Students Work-based learning experiences can be a powerful way to help students envision themselves as professionals and make connections between what they are learning in school and the skills they will need for future jobs. Klein A. Career Education Is “for All Kids”: How Work-Based Learning Can Engage Students. Education Week. Published April 3, 2023. Accessed April 17, 2023. ‌ 

An 'Amazing Event' for Area Students

Which way did the high school students go for the 2023 Construction Career Days, presented by Vannoy Construction and dozens of other sponsors and area construction-career exhibitors ?   John Deere, Carolina CAT, and other exhibitor  hands-on activities ? 773 students and 67 school & staff  participated in the 2023 event. Thanks to the many organizations that made this event a success with the coordination of the by Mountain Area Workforce Development Board staff, area schools, and WNC community members. Keynote Videos Tuesday, March 28th Keynote   Wednesday, March 29th Keynote  

The Mountaineer - News on the WNC CCD Fair that Recruits Next-Gen Construction Trades

Which employer will create the next generation worker?

  The employer that leverages mentorships with internships and apprenticeships will be the winner? Internship programs allow students to really experience the industry in an age- and skills-appropriate manner. Apprenticeship programs are usually for those a little older than who internships serve and can function as a direct pipeline into your company. One of an apprenticeship program's biggest benefits is it can serve as a direct pipeline into positions within your company.  The young people, by the end, are all trained sufficiently to take on full roles within your company.  Thompson J. Council Post: Creating The Next Generation Of Workers Through Mentorship And Training.  Forbes . . Published February 20, 2023. Accessed March 24, 2023. ‌

What are the positions construction organization hire?

  Define Your Career Path Many construction organizations and skilled trades have a diversity of career paths. list includes: Building control surveyor Construction manager Contract administrator Estimator Facilities manager Field inspector Project engineer Project manager Safety manager Scheduler Site engineer Superintendent Sustainability consultant Skills to Develop Construction career paths need skills that include: Written and verbal communication skills Business management skills, such as hiring and managing staff and understanding budgets Leadership ability to work with subcontractors, construction workers and other managers Technical skills related to the construction industry Analytical skills to plan, develop strategies and solve problems

Skills that pay the bills … and redefine success | Peyton Holland | TEDxRaleigh

  Path to Success The path to success is a 4-year degree … or is it?   When this talk was given in 2016, data showed that by 2020, 10 million jobs would go unfilled because there would not be enough people with the skills needed to fill them.  As of February 2023, there are over 10 million job openings, many of which are remaining unfilled due to a lack of skill.  For decades, we’ve told a story that places more value on a degree hanging on the wall than the skills needed to build that wall. As a result, we’ve created a “skills gap” that will impact all of us, from the cars we drive to the places we live and work. Respecting skill equally is a critical shift for all of us - whether it is a masters degree recipient or a master craftsman. Empowering students to explore their passions with their hands and mind can transform education and the economic fabric of our country. Having grown up in rural North Carolina, Peyton learned the value of hard work and skill early in life. His father en