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What are the positions construction organization hire?

  Define Your Career Path Many construction organizations and skilled trades have a diversity of career paths. list includes: Building control surveyor Construction manager Contract administrator Estimator Facilities manager Field inspector Project engineer Project manager Safety manager Scheduler Site engineer Superintendent Sustainability consultant Skills to Develop Construction career paths need skills that include: Written and verbal communication skills Business management skills, such as hiring and managing staff and understanding budgets Leadership ability to work with subcontractors, construction workers and other managers Technical skills related to the construction industry Analytical skills to plan, develop strategies and solve problems

Skills that pay the bills … and redefine success | Peyton Holland | TEDxRaleigh

  Path to Success The path to success is a 4-year degree … or is it?   When this talk was given in 2016, data showed that by 2020, 10 million jobs would go unfilled because there would not be enough people with the skills needed to fill them.  As of February 2023, there are over 10 million job openings, many of which are remaining unfilled due to a lack of skill.  For decades, we’ve told a story that places more value on a degree hanging on the wall than the skills needed to build that wall. As a result, we’ve created a “skills gap” that will impact all of us, from the cars we drive to the places we live and work. Respecting skill equally is a critical shift for all of us - whether it is a masters degree recipient or a master craftsman. Empowering students to explore their passions with their hands and mind can transform education and the economic fabric of our country. Having grown up in rural North Carolina, Peyton learned the value of hard work and skill early in life. His father en

Wendy & Christy - About WNC Construction Career Day

Wendy Frye and Christy Cheek express their enthusiasm for the upcoming Construction Career Day event, which showcases various skilled trades in the construction industry and related fields.  They praise the event for providing a fun and engaging opportunity for students to learn about different careers and for representing non-traditional fields, including women in construction.  Also discussed are potential financial barriers that students may face when pursuing careers in skilled trades, but encourage them to seek out scholarships and career development opportunities.  These two speakers highlight the benefits of attending the event, such as hands-on exhibits, networking opportunities, and the chance to operate construction equipment.  There is emphasis the importance of thanking volunteers for supporting the next generation of workers. About WNC Construction Career Day - Wendy & Christy

Booth Space is Still Available for the 2023 Construction Career Day

  Let's put our 'best foot forward' for the ~1100 high school students that will be attending the 2023 Construction Career Day. Construction businesses, vendors, and skilled-trade employers can register for a free booth .

Haywood Community College - Learn Construction Skills

  Haywood Community College offers the opportunity for you to learn construction skills to start building your future in the construction industry. You will learn about power tool usage, jobsite safety, employability skills and more! This program provides National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) nationally recognized credentials and the opportunity for students to earn their OSHA-10 card. The Core Class offers an introduction to basic construction skills which prepare students to find a first job in construction. The class also serves as a prerequisite for additional coursework which includes Construction Technology, HVACR, and Plumbing focus courses. With evening classes and scholarships available, Haywood Community College is here to help get you on an exciting career path in a booming industry. Learn More

CTE Video from Superior Cranes

What are the typical salaries in the crane industry?  Watch the video below from Superior Crances. Career Technical Education or CTE provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.

Construction Skills and Technology at Haywood Community College

  Whether you’re looking for a new career path, to upskill, or to learn something new, our Construction Program is for you.