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Building a Stronger Future: Why Workforce Development Boards Should Support Construction Career Day

Workforce development boards play a crucial role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, ensuring that individuals have the necessary skills and opportunities to thrive in their chosen careers.  In the pursuit of a vibrant and sustainable workforce, it is essential to recognize the significance of construction careers.  By supporting and organizing construction career days, workforce development boards can pave the way for a stronger future, benefitting both individuals and the communities they serve. 1. Addressing the Skills Gap: The construction industry faces a significant skills gap, with an increasing demand for skilled workers and a shortage of qualified individuals to fill those positions. By organizing construction career days, workforce development boards can bring together industry professionals, educators, and potential workers to showcase the range of opportunities available in the construction field. Such events provide a platform to highlight the importance

Which employer will create the next generation worker?

  The employer that leverages mentorships with internships and apprenticeships will be the winner? Internship programs allow students to really experience the industry in an age- and skills-appropriate manner. Apprenticeship programs are usually for those a little older than who internships serve and can function as a direct pipeline into your company. One of an apprenticeship program's biggest benefits is it can serve as a direct pipeline into positions within your company.  The young people, by the end, are all trained sufficiently to take on full roles within your company.  Thompson J. Council Post: Creating The Next Generation Of Workers Through Mentorship And Training.  Forbes . . Published February 20, 2023. Accessed March 24, 2023. ‌

Construction Apprenticeships at Blue Ridge Community College

  The Construction Apprenticeship program allows eligible high school graduates and adult learners to earn while you learn in the classroom and on the job.  The program is a collaborative effort of Blue Ridge Community College, Henderson County Public Schools, Transylvania County Public Schools, Homeschool Association, and local employers working together to support the workforce of today and tomorrow. The Construction Apprenticeship program is a registered North Carolina Apprenticeship with the N.C. Department of Labor. Apply Today for a Construction Apprenticeship Note there are skilled trades apprenticeship programs that include: Electrical HVAC Plumbing